I’m a sucker for movies that have dogs in them.  I owned two dogs in the past, and they are a nightmare and joy all in one.  Just like life.

So here are my memorable moments in this movie.   Kathleen Turner.  WTF happened to her!   I remember when I bought a DVD copy of  “Body Heat” and paused and slow-motioned her nude parts so I can rub one out; and now she’s turned into a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Yes, I know we all get old, but oh, my God!  Or as John Travolta would say, “oh, my L. Ron Hubbard!”

Then there’s the scene where Alan Arkin tells Owen Wilson about pregnant women.   “There’s no glow,” he says as he talks about the bad things that happen to a woman during pregnancy.  I completely agree!   I never believed that glow crap, unless the woman is The Last Dragon and is fighting Sho’Nuff.

This movie is not a Rom/Com, as I expected.   It’s more like life.   It takes you through the ups and downs of roughly 12 years in the marriage of a couple who start their family with a rambunctious Labrador, Marley.   In this movie I saw my own experiences with my own dogs.   The first day taking them home, the peeing in the house, the separation anxiety (both for the dog and human), the chewed up furniture and other non-edible items; and of course, those last years when dogs are no longer as energetic as they were.   The hesitation to go up the stairs, leading to not wanting to climb any stairs at all; not being able to hear you well; the dimming spark in their eyes.

Painful memories were brought back during the last minutes of the movie, but I kept watching, because as sad as it was, it was also a beautiful moment.   One friend saying goodbye to another, letting the other go in peace and with dignity.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to say goodbye to my Rottie and Husky; but it wasn’t as peaceful as in this movie.  And I regret that forever.