Okay, I watched this version last night for the first time, and it was on VHS!   Why?  Because it was the next movie in the VHS pile to watch.  Sometimes I like to go old school and watch movies on tape.  It brings me back to the 80s, when I was a teenager.

So here are my most memorable movie moments.   Captain Hook kills somebody.  Seriously!  On his ship, one of his pirates is singing on top of the mast, using one of those accordion instruments.  Hook pulls out a pistol, aims, and shoots.   The movie doesn’t show the kill, but the singing suddenly stops, and you hear a splash as the body drops into the water.

Another disturbing scene takes place after the crocodile — or is it alligator — makes his appearance for the first time.  Hook is so scared he’s climbing/hugging onto his first mate; and as he’s doing so, he forces his first mate’s face into his crotch!   Twice!   WTF!   I had to rewind the tape (for you young’uns who’ve never seen a VHS tape, there’s an actual tape in there that has to be wound) to check to make sure I saw what I saw.  Yup, I saw what I saw.

Before I continue with more disturbing moments, I want to say how hot Tinkerbell looked.  I mean, damn.  Her body is tight!   And that outfit she wore had me angling my neck to see if I can catch a peek up there.   Her dress was so short it barely covered her crotch and butt.  But, Tinkerbell wore underwear.  White ones.  I caught her bending over at least once when she was stuck inside a drawer.

Speaking of tight bodies, there were about 3 or 4 mermaids who were virtually topless!   I believe one of them had those stripper stars covering her little boobies.   Fish never looked so good.   No, they’re bad!   They tried to drown Wendy.  One even admitted to it.

Oh, and since we’re talking of attempted murder here, even Tinkerbell tried to have Wendy killed.   That is one “FAB” — Fatal Attraction Bitch.

What the hell, Disney!