Tom Cruise, my favorite Scientologist, stars in the 4th movie of the “Mission: Impossible” series.   It may as well be called “Mission: Possible” since the good guys always win.  I’ll even settle for “Mission: Probable.”  Here’s the plot: terrorists blame the Impossible Mission Force for a bombing in Russia the way a Guatemalan maid gets blamed for missing jewelry; and now the disavowed IMF has to get the bad guys before the bad guys start launching nukes at the U.S. in order to start World War III.

The movie is good — nothing special about it.   It seems to be your generic, action/adventure/spy movie that doesn’t get to you emotionally.  There were 3 parts in the movie where it did try to tug at my heartstrings, but I didn’t feel much from them.  Most of the action sequences are great, and we get to see places like Dubai, India, Russia, and Prague as the movie was shot in those locations; and there are funny parts involving Simon Pegg, but…it’s not enough.  This is most likely my first and last viewing of this movie.

My most memorable, movie moment of “…Ghost Protocol” was the sequence where Cruise is using special gloves to climb the glass walls of a very, very tall building in Dubai.   One of his gloves craps out like a cheaply made toy from a 99 cents store, and he has to use all of his might and skills to not only keep from falling, but to climb several floors.  I don’t like heights (maybe that’s why I was born short!), so seeing Cruise’s precarious situation at such distance from the ground gave me that nervous, dizzy, excited, scared, want to pee in your pants feeling that people get when they stand close to the edge of a cliff or building.

Coming in at second place for the memorable movie moment award is the lack of U.S. intervention when a Russian sub launches a nuke.  There is no mention of what the U.S. is doing (which most likely is launching nukes of our own to kill those Vodka-loving people).   Therefore, even if the IMF manages to keep the Russian nuke from hitting the U.S., our missile launches toward Russia would produce even more launches from Russia, and on and on.   Time to shave and clean your ass so you can kiss it goodbye.   What?  Maybe the U.S. failed to notice the launch of a Russian nuke from a submarine, you ask?   Buwahahahahaha!  If you believe that then you probably believe that you’ve never eaten cat or dog from a Chinese restaurant.