What happens in this movie is every parent’s worst nightmare and most kids’ wet dream.  3 High School kids at the bottom of the who’s who list decide to throw a party in one of their parents’ houses in order to get lucky with the girls and be part of the cool crowd.   A max of 50 people are expected; by early morning there are over 1,000 revelers.   Things get so crazy I was expecting Moses to come down from the roof and throw the tablets with the ten commandments written on them at the people below so they can be swallowed up by the earth.

“Project X” is a mockumentary, meaning it’s made in the style of a documentary.  What we see are supposed to be video footage that were taken by the people who were at the party, so you get this up close and personal view of what happened.   This can be good or bad, depending on who you are.  If you’re a hard partying person, you will love it.  If you’re into books and peace and quiet, you will hate it (and why you’d be watching this movie I have no idea).  I took the movie for what it is: an outrageous and funny teen-age movie complete with sex, drugs, and loud music.   I enjoyed it, and at the same time I was horrified at all the destruction that I saw, also.  It left me feeling like I was at the party; and that is quite a feat, as I have seen many movies about teens having a crazy party, but never felt like I was in it.

Hard as it is to believe, “Project X” does have some redeeming qualities to it.  The 3 High School teens are close friends; and despite the chaos, they still look out for each other, each one trying to lift the other above the “loser” status at the cost of the house and damn near everything in it.  Then there’s the main character who comes to a late realization as to whom he should really impress.

My most memorable, movie moment is the sequence where the dog gets high from the marijuana smoke that is blown in his face.  We see him jumping up and down inside a bouncy house along with people, then he’s tearing into a bag of chips due to the munchies.  Ha-ha!

Dogs are great.  I had a Rottie named Dragon, and one Christmas or New Year’s Eve I got wasted drinking beer and vodka, and I gave my dog some of the vodka.  I was surprised he liked it, so I gave him more.  Well, he got wasted too, as he was a bit unbalanced and he started roughhousing with me!   I miss him.


My parents, Dragon and I. My dog and I were already hammered at this point. Pardon my mullet — it was one of my mistakes during the 90s.