The Farrelly Brothers have once again shown their mastery of romantic comedy mixed with sick, politically incorrect, gross out humor.  The main characters are extremely likeable and the movie is very, very funny.  Cameron Diaz plays Mary, and Ben Stiller plays the guy who falls in love with her since they were in High School.  He loses touch with her and hires Matt Dillon, who plays a sleazy private detective, to find her.  Dillon falls for Diaz and lies to her about who he is so she can fall for him.  Stiller finds out Dillon’s shenanigans and decides to put a monkey wrench in Dillon’s plans while Stiller begins his second romance with Diaz.

For those of you uppercrust types who find toilet humor and politically incorrect jokes unappealing, there’s not much for you in “There’s Something About Mary.”  For the rest of us, this movie can kill you if you’re eating during the funny moments (and there are lots of them!).   For example, Dillon — knowing that Diaz has a brother who is mentally handicapped — pretends to like and work with mentally handicapped people in order to impress her.  But the right words elude him, so he simply tells Diaz, “I work with retards.”  Buwahahahahaha!   Then there are the jokes about highway rest stops being the playground of gay guys in the 1990s; and we see all the lovin’ in a scene where Stiller makes a stop at a rest area to take a pee.

What?  “Don’t make fun of mentally disabled people or gays,” you say.   “Why not?” I reply.  “Are they special?”   Straight guys and mentally able people have been made fun of in comedies for decades.  You don’t see us complaining.   If straight guys can be the target of humor in movies, so can gay dudes.  If mentally able people can be made fun of, then so can mentally disabled people. Fair is fair.  Don’t go around telling people you want to be treated fairly and equally, then backtrack and demand special treatment when it suits you.

One of the memorable movie moments is the sequence where Stiller pulls his zipper up so fast that he catches the “franks and beans” in the teeth of the zipper!  Ouch!  And we get a close-up of the damage, too!   Double ouch!  I feel for the guy, as when I was very young I did something like that, but not as extreme as in the movie.  I don’t recall any other details, such as if I got it out myself or if I needed help from a relative, or how long it took before things were fixed.  Maybe my mind has blocked the details to save me from the mental anguish.   Anyway, I learned at an early age how important it is to wear underwear.

My most memorable, movie moment is the scene where Dillon gives a little doggie treats laced with downers to keep the little beast calm, and therefore make Diaz and her neighbor think the doggie loves Dillon.   Well, the drugs are too much for the doggie, and it stops breathing!  Dillon gives the doggie CPR (and we see its little stomach get bigger from the rush of air), but it doesn’t revive the animal.   Next, Dillon creates a defibrillator out of a power cord and shocks the animal, burning its fur, and bringing it back to life!  Ha ha!  I love funny, doggie moments.