“The Cabin In The Woods” is like a love letter from Director Drew Goddard and writer Joss Whedon to all horror fans out there.  The scares, the thrills, the laughs, the suspense, and the nudity from various horror flicks are mashed together into one, derivative and yet original (I know, they should be mutually exclusive, but when you’re talented as hell, you can create wonders) movie!  Elements from “The Evil Dead,” “Hellraiser,” “Cube,” “The Truman Show,”  werewolf movies, slasher movies and zombie movies are all present.

“The Cabin…” has five college students on a weekend trip to a filthy ass cabin in a filthy section of the woods to have fun.  What they don’t realize is that every move is being watched by people who work in a large, underground complex beneath the cabin.  The five students are to be sacrificed in very cruel ways.  Why?  That’s what you’ll enjoy finding out when you watch the movie.

The puppet masters below the cabin are mostly male geeks; and there’s a scene when they are all gathered to watch the monitors in order to catch a glimpse of young, nubile boobies.  It is a scene that is funny and twisted at the same time, because the workers know that the people they are watching will die very horrible deaths.  But, work is work, and the puppet masters pull levers and press switches to lock doors, open trap doors for monsters to come out of, and emit mind altering drugs that make the sacrificial victims more stupid in order to make them easier targets.

Just to show you how very well written and directed this movie is: the combination of horror and comedy almost always ends up in a disaster, similar to what you would get if you combined a politician with a child molester.  Very, very few writers and directors have the talent to pull off a horror/comedy combo.  Whedon and Goddard are the select few, and I salute them for giving us one of the best movies I have ever seen.

There are many memorable, movie moments in “The Cabin In The Woods.”  My most memorable one is the scene where one of the underground puppet masters mentions that the college student who is a pot head seems to be more aware of what is happening — possibly because he’s been smoking so much pot for so long that he has become immune to the mind-altering drugs that the puppet masters have secretly given him!  Score one for the potheads of the world!  Smoke that s*#t, and open your mind to the conspiracies all around you!

Me, smoky tasting/smelling whisky is my drug of choice; I let it numb my body and mind.  I don’t need to be aware of the conspiracies of the world, because I already know the end game: total enslavement for the masses.