For some reason I thought “Adventureland” was based on the amusement park in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  But it’s not.  It takes place in PA.  Whatever the location, it’s an okay movie.

“Adventureland” stars Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, and Ryan Reynolds.   It is the late 1980s, and Eisenberg has to work during the summer in order to help pay for his college education because his parents are having financial problems.  Eisenberg is an intelligent man/boy, but since he has virtually no real world, work experience, all he could muster was a crappy job working the rigged games at Adventureland.  It is at that amusement park where he learns about true love, heartache, betrayal, and true friendship.

As soon as he steps foot into Adventureland, Eisenberg meets the zany characters that work there.  Almost all are mentally challenged at some level: there’s the parking guy/greeter who looks like he should be in a straight jacket; there’s the hot chick who loses all focus on her job as soon as music plays and she can’t help but to dance; there’s the boss who is wound up too tight and always has an intense look like he’s trying to pass hard stool; there’s Stewart (Eisenberg’s love interest) who always looks high, is not on good terms with her stepmom, and is fooling around with Reynolds (a married man); and of course, there’s Eisenberg, who just can’t keep his mouth shut (like a 9-year-old girl eating too much sugary treats at a slumber party), and who is clueless about women the way politicians are clueless about how to keep their penises from entering the vaginas of women they aren’t married to.

Speaking of zany characters at work, don’t we all have zany characters at our jobs?  I know I have them.  Lots of them.  One of my supervisors is looney as hell.  He likes to balance broomsticks on his fingertips, and he walks around muttering to himself when he’s stressed out (which happens often).   I really should invest in body armor for the day when one of my co-workers finally loses it.  But for now, I’ll rely on my tiny size and agility to keep from getting shot.  There’s plenty of fatties at my job who will provide the necessary distraction in order for me to escape.

Back to the movie.   My most memorable, movie moment is the montage where we see how the games are rigged.  For example: the basketball hoop that looks like it’s round from the perspective of the customer; but if you look at it from the top or bottom, it’s an oblong shape, virtually guaranteeing the basketball to bounce off the rim.  Bastards!

“Adventureland” is a good, coming of age movie that I don’t think will leave a lasting impression on viewers unless you happen to have had a summer job at an amusement park.   There are enough laughs and good acting to keep you amused — just don’t expect too much.

By the way, back to crazy characters at our jobs: you do know that your fellow workers probably see you as a crazy character, right?  And you know what?  They’re probably right.