If you like action movies that has elements of government conspiracies and corruption, I think you will like “Shooter” very much.  Mark Wahlberg plays a United States Marine Corps sniper who was betrayed by the US government during a mission in Ethiopia.  After getting payback at the ones who crossed him and his spotter, he retires from the USMC and lives a solitary life — except for his large dog — up in the mountains somewhere in the US.  The peace in his life is broken when a high level, government agency visits Wahlberg and asks for his help in foiling a possible, assassination attempt on the US President during an upcoming speech.   Wahlberg accepts the mission, an assassination attempt is made on the President, and Wahlberg is set up to take the fall for the shooting.   This leads us to fast paced scenes from the second to the third act where Wahlberg is not only trying to evade capture and death from cops and government spooks, he’s also trying to piece together who framed him and why.

One of my memorable, movie moments of “Shooter” is the scene early in the movie where Wahlberg, with the help of his spotter, snipes at moving targets hundreds of yards away in order to help with the extraction of US forces from the killing zone.  This is the most intense sequence of the movie.  The enemy has no idea of exactly where Wahlberg is, they only know the general direction.  So they shoot and lob mortar rounds at Wahlberg, who keeps shooting at the enemy despite all the bullets and explosives hitting all around him.

My most memorable, movie moment of this movie is the scene when the FBI agent who believes in some government conspiracy regarding the assassination attempt on the President has been captured by government spooks.  The spooks install a rig on the FBI agent’s right arm, shoulder, back and head in order to make him shoot himself in the head and make it look like a suicide.   Very wicked s@#t!  I wonder if such a rig does exist.

Antoine Fuqua has done a fine job directing “Shooter,” and I expect nothing less from this man, as he is fast becoming one of the best action/thriller/suspense directors in Hollywood.

“Shooter” gives the added benefit of showing us how complicated sniping is.  It’s not just about putting your target in your crosshairs and pulling the trigger.  The sniper and his spotter have to factor in things like: the weight, composition, and shape of the bullet; the powder that’s in the cartridge; wind velocity and direction; distance; humidity, etc.  I like guns so I love all this stuff.  What!   You’re shocked that I like guns, what with all the mass shootings going on?  Well, about 11,000 Americans die each year due to drunken driving, and I still enjoy cars and booze; just not both at the same time.  If we’re going to be afraid or hate anything that can kill us, then we should also hate knives, water, air, electricity, airplanes, etc.

And for those reading this and are getting very upset with me because I’m not showing the proper amount of “let’s ban guns” yada yada, let me ask you this: where is your outrage regarding the 11,000 Americans who are killed each year due to drunk driving?  Where is your outrage regarding the over 100,000 Americans who die each year due to hospital/medical errors?  Where is all the media coverage on those?   Where are all the tough talk from the politicians?  Where are the quickly enacted laws that will help to prevent all those deaths?   That’s what I thought.

Now sit your $5 ass down before I make change.