Multi-talented Tyler Perry (writer/actor/director/producer) writes, directs, and acts in “Why Did I Get Married,” a romantic/comedy/drama flick about the trials and tribulations of marriage told from both the husbands’ and wives’ perspectives.   Four couples — all friends for many years — go on a vacation together in order to catch up on each others lives; but mostly it’s for the bonding of the individual couples.  And bonding is what is desperately needed, because we see from the beginning that all of the marriages are in trouble.

The two most interesting and entertaining couples are played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith; and Jill Scott and Richard T. Jones.  White is a henpecked hubby of Smith, which right off the bat is funny and perplexing at the same time to anyone familiar with White, who is a real life martial artist who is built like a bodybuilder.  Anyway, White plays an ex-pro athlete who is now working for his wife, Smith, in one of her beauty shops.  Almost every word out of Smith to White is an insult to him, insults that are hilarious and cringe-inducing to men, as her words are very emasculating.  And for the most part, this big dude just takes it!  He tries to fight back verbally sometimes, but Smith’s motor mouth and rapid fire insults just overwhelm White.  Ouch.  Men will wonder why the hell White stays with Smith, and we think we know the answer: money.  But we learn later on there’s another reason.

The other, most interesting couple are played by Jones, who is an insensitive husband to a fat wife, played by Scott.  Jones openly attacks his wife’s physique the way the NYPD openly attacks dark-skinned men by stopping and frisking them even though they are simply walking in and out of their apartment buildings.   Jones has no remorse about his actions, nor is he aware of the hurt that he is causing his wife; and he is certainly oblivious of the tremendous, inner beauty that is within Scott.  But he will learn the error of his ways.

One of my most memorable, movie moments of “Why Did I Get Married?” is the scene when the husbands talk about the “80/20 rule.”  It goes something like this: in a relationship, you never get 100% of what you want and need; instead, you get 80%.  But then you start looking for someone who fills the rest of your needs, and start fooling around with someone; and that someone winds up giving you only 20%.  So what you end up doing is giving up 80% in order to get 20%.  I think that’s a good generalization of what happens with the average cheater.

As for my most memorable, movie moment of “Why Did I Get Married?”…that would have to be the scene when the four couples, plus one sheriff and one friend, are having a tense-filled dinner, and all the secrets that each has been keeping from their spouses come out.  The secrets are devastating enough to possibly ruin all the marriages; and to Scott, the secret that her husband revealed is enough for her to smash a bottle of wine at the back of his head.  I bet women let out a roar in the theaters when that happened; and I don’t blame them, because he had it coming and I laughed my a*$ off!

“Why Did I Get Married?” delivers on the laughs, the drama and the romance; plus it is also very uplifting because it shows the audience how rocky relationships can be mended with hard work, understanding, forgiveness, and really listening to your significant other.  And for the relationships that can’t be fixed, it shows us that we can move on, make ourselves better, stronger, more positive people; and one day, to possibly find a new love that will truly complement us.

“Why Did I Get Married?” is a question I hope to never ask myself.  I have quite a pessimistic view of marriage.  Oh, and I hate kids.  For those already in the trenches: good luck.  For those about to enter: just make sure it’s what you really want.