Antoine Fuqua has directed another solid, action movie that is better than most in the genre.  Movie fans everywhere, take note of this man, as he is fast rising to the top of the action movie director list.  “Olympus Has Fallen” stars Gerard Butler as a former, Secret Service operative who fell from the President’s favor because Butler made a hard choice in order to save the President; and now, over a year after that incident, Butler is attempting to rescue the President and many others who have been taken hostage in the White House by North Korean terrorists.

Half way into the first act, terrorists attack the White House from the air and ground.  This action sequence — which lasts about 15 minutes — is extremely intense and very bloody.  Just when you think the attacks are over, it starts again from another direction.  The White House throws everything at the terrorists; but those defending the White House are eventually overwhelmed due to the numbers, firepower, tenacity, and planning of the terrorists.

Many are calling “Olympus Has Fallen” as “Die Hard” in the White House.  This is a huge disservice to this movie, as many of the “Die Hard” movies after the first, and most of the derivatives of “Die Hard,” are not well made.  Most could not be taken seriously because of the crazy, way over the top, cartoon-like violence.  “Olympus Has Fallen” stands apart from the rest because of its serious tone and brutal violence, which includes executions and torture of high-ranking members of the White House.  Also, the terrorists’ ultimate goal was to kill every American.  It’s easy for the audience to emotionally connect with this movie and get behind Butler to kill every one of those terrorist scum who dared invade our country.

One of my most memorable, movie moments of “Olympus Has Fallen” is the scene when the terrorists, after they defeated the defenders of The White House, take down the U.S. flag (which is in tatters due to the bullets and shrapnel hitting it) and throw it over the side.  Mind you, I’m not a patriotic guy who likes to wave the flag and follows and believes in our politicians like a stupid sheep; but that scene had me pissed.   I guess I was just being territorial.

As for my most memorable, movie moment of  “Olympus Has Fallen,” that would have to be the scene when Butler is on the phone talking to various military leaders, and they mention to Butler about the terrorists hacking into “Cerberus.”  Butler asks what is “Cerberus,” and the military leaders are debating if they should tell Butler because the subject is classified.  Butler responds with something like, “I think this is the moment of the proverbial I need to fucking know.”  I appreciate guys who make smart-ass comments to their bosses who make stupid statements!  They remind me of…me!

One last statement as to how much I like “Olympus Has Fallen”: when this movie comes out on Blu-Ray, and the price falls to $10, I shall buy it.  For those who aren’t in the know, I only buy movies that I really like and plan to watch over and over again.