Based on a Stephen King short story, “Sometimes They Come Back” is about a man (played by Tim Matheson) who moves his family back to his childhood town — a town where, many decades ago, his brother was killed by the local bullies, and those same bullies were killed partly due to one small action of Matheson.   Why would he move himself and his wife and young boy to a place that holds so many bad memories, memories that still haunt him?  Because his bad memories produce bad tempers, and during his last teaching job, he lost it and may have hurt a student; and now the only teaching job that is offered to him is at the high school of his hometown.  The problem is: when people die, and their spirits are not at rest, sometimes, they come back.

One by one, Matheson’s good students are killed by the spirits of the dead bullies, and for each student killed, one of the dead bullies comes back to life.  And they manage to get themselves transferred to Matheson’s class.  Matheson, of course, remembers the faces of the bullies, and begins to question his sanity after seeing these bullies come to his class one by one.   He soon realizes that he is not insane, and these bullies from the past have somehow come back to life, and that the bullies want one thing: to relive that moment when Matheson’s brother was killed, leading to Matheson’s action that initiates the deaths of the bullies.   Why all the theatrics by the bullies?  Because the bullies want the chance to do in Matheson, as they had originally planned decades ago.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Sometimes They Come Back” is the scene when the 3 bullies reveal to a student they are about to kill what their faces really look like.  A scary scene this is not…it’s more in the shock and disgusting department.  Yup, that’s about it.  That’s the most memorable moment of this movie.   Then again, this is a made for t.v. movie, so we shouldn’t expect much — which is good, because we don’t get much.

By the way, these ghosts aren’t that creative.  If I had the chance to come back to life after I died, I’d go to Europe and sample its legalized prostitution in the red light districts.  I always wondered about those places after my buddy, Ed, came back from the Army and told me tales of women behind windows for the customers to see from the street.  If the curtains were closed, she’s occupied.  If it was open, then she is available.  For those who are shocked and think this is horrible and it should be done away with…it’ll never happen.  There’s a reason why prostitution, drugs, gambling and alcohol are so prominent in our lives: people want it!  And yeah, your man most likely wants it, too.  Maybe not the drugs and gambling and alcohol, but definitely the prostitutes.  He either had a prostitute, continues to see prostitutes, or thinks of being with a prostitute.  “Oh, no, not my man” you object.  Yes, your man, too!  So get yourself tested, because when it comes to the Johns, most times, they come back.