In this fun, action-packed movie, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich are ex-covert government agents/assassins who are Retired and Extremely Dangerous.  Willis, happily retired in some nondescript, white bread neighborhood, finds himself the target for termination.   He crisscrosses the U.S. with his new girlfriend in tow (played by Mary-Louise Parker) trying to find out who is trying to kill him, and why.  Along the way, Willis enlists the help of fellow RED agents Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich (who I think steals the show with his terrific portrayal of the rightfully paranoid ex-agent).

One of my memorable, movie moments of “RED” is the scene when Richard Dreyfuss is tied up and being questioned by the RED members.  Malkovich already has clear plastic wrapped over his suit in preparation of the messy and painful interview should Dreyfuss remain uncooperative.  On top of that, Willis and Malkovich remove interrogation tools from a bag and discuss various body parts that they will use it on!  Ha ha!   If I was in the hot seat and saw all that, I would’ve admitted to anything you wanted, including shooting JFK, being an alien/human hybrid that will one day take over Earth, liking Justin Bieber…whatever you say, just don’t use those tools on my testicles!

Top prize for my most memorable, movie moment of “RED” is the scene when government agent Karl Urban — sent out to capture Willis — crashes his SUV into Willis’ stolen police car; and as the police car is spinning around, Willis steps out of his vehicle with his gun already drawn and starts firing at Urban as he walks forward and avoids getting hit by his stolen, spinning vehicle.   Willis goes from prey to predator in a split second, and this is the most jaw dropping moment of the movie.   You may want to replay this scene a few times when you get to it.

“RED” is a definite must buy on Blu-ray Disc when it goes down to $10 or below, as it is a fine example of the action/comedy hybrid genre, and loaded with some of Hollywood’s top talents.   Enjoy.