Terrence “T.C.” Carson plays a young man from the streets of Atlanta who has big dreams of making it big as a t.v. reporter.  After chasing down a story of a sniper who has taken hostages, T.C. picks up the microphone of a famous reporter who had just been shot by the sniper, and runs with the story, ending with an exclusive interview of the gunman, plus helping to free the hostages.   T.C. is quickly offered a job, and he is on a fast track to living out his dreams, and living large.  But, one of the producers thinks T.C. is too black, and pressures him to act more “mainstream.”  T.C. succumbs to the pressures in order to not lose his foothold on his dream, and finds himself on the verge of losing his fiancee, his best friend, his family, and himself.

This is a typical, early 90s, fish out out of water, comedy movie.  It has a few good laughs, is charming at some moments, and has decent acting by the majority of the cast — in other words, average.   This is something you’d probably watch once, and that’s it.   It is interesting to see how the actor T.C. resembles Will Smith in many ways: the mannerisms, the voice, the smart-ass attitude.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Livin’ Large!” is the scene when T.C. and his fiancee are at the first office party of the network that T.C. now works for, and they’re laughing at the way a white woman is dancing, moving her arms up and down and side to side, always snapping her fingers.  It’s not as bad as Elaine from “Seinfeld,” but still bad.

Ummm…yeah, that’s about it.