In this third movie about the ultra bad-ass criminal, Riddick (played by Vin Diesel), we find Diesel marooned on a harsh planet after an assassination attempt on his life by the soldiers whom he commanded in the previous movie.  We are shown a flashback of Diesel being a ruler of a planet, and getting soft and losing his edge as a result.   And now he’s alone, wounded and hunted by beasts from the air, ground, and water.  So, he decides to go back to basics by being naked and shiny and walking up a tall rock.  Huh?  What?  Hey, you tell me.

Fast forward some time later, and Diesel is back to being his ultra bad-ass self again, only he’s managed to raise and befriend a dog-like creature.  Huh?  What?  You thought he was a loner, too?  No attachments, no sentiments?  Well, you see, Diesel needed to experiment with building up a tolerance to the poison of a fierce creature, so he decided to use a baby doggie creature.  The doggie lived, and before you know it, the doggie is now full grown and friends with Diesel.  And let’s not forget that in the first movie, “Pitch Black,” it is shown that Diesel does believe in friendship, is a man of his word, and gives as good as he gets.   So when you look at it that way, the doggie part of this story is easy to believe.

All is not well with this crappy planet Diesel is on, because the rains are coming, and with all that water comes the fierce creatures that live in the ground, waiting to come out when the rainy season comes.   Diesel decides to activate a distress beacon, which scans his face; and soon, 2 sets of mercenaries on 2 ships descend on the planet to retrieve Diesel, dead or alive.   Of course, this is what Diesel wants.  He needs a ship to get off the planet before the underground creatures come out by the thousands.  Getting the mercenaries to give him a ship isn’t so easy, though.

Fans of “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” will not be disappointed by “Riddick.”   This movie moves fast, has plenty of action and gore, lots of monsters, and…funny moments.   Yep, “Riddick” has many moments that will have you smiling or laughing.   But don’t worry, the jokes are appropriate to this type of movie.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Riddick” is the scene when Katee Sackhoff is taking a shower, and we are shown the side of her left breast.   In case you didn’t know, Sackhoff played a memorable character called Starbuck in the television series, “Battlestar Galactica,”  and many of us male, sci-fi fans adore her.

Ah, I can see the male, sci-fi geeks putting that Sackhoff nude scene in a constant loop on their BD players.  Hmmm…I can also see some male, sci-fi geeks putting that shiny, naked Diesel on top of a rock scene on a constant loop on their BD players.