Part four of the “Twilight” series finally gives the fans of the books and/or movies the wedding they’ve been expecting/dreaming/hoping for/salivating over.  Kristen Stewart, who plays a human who has fallen in love with a vampire played by Robert Pattinson, finally gets married to her boyfriend with the very pale skin.   Of course, the wedding isn’t completely for love purposes.  A powerful group of ruling vampires called the Volturi basically told Pattinson and his family that if they don’t turn Stewart into a vampire very soon, it’ll be open season on her because of her very sweet tasting blood among other things.

So, we have the wedding.  But Pattinson still hasn’t turned Stewart.  Why?  Because Stewart doesn’t want to spend her honeymoon writhing in pain as she turns into a bloodsucker.  The problem here is: vampires are very powerful.   Now imagine Superman having sex with Lois Lane.  Yeah, it could be disastrous.  Stewart is willing to take that risk, trusting Pattinson to be as gentle as possible.  Gentle as he was, she winds up black and blue and…pregnant!  No one has any idea how the pregnancy is going to turn out because this is the first time a vampire impregnated a human.

The pregnancy leads to many complications, the main one being Stewart’s health.  The baby, being a vampire, is growing fast, and is sucking the life out of its mother.   Another complication is that if Stewart dies (she’s still a human), then the werewolves will have no choice but to kill the vampire baby because it would have broken the Vampire-Werewolf truce in Forks, Washington — the truce being vampires are allowed to live in peace by the werewolves as long as they don’t kill humans or werewolves.  Stewart’s death and the killing of her baby, of course, would start a war.   Which leads us to…

Taylor Lautner, the third party in the Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner love triangle.  Much as Lautner tries to forget Stewart, his love for her is still strong; and he is caught in the middle between his wolfpack and his love for Stewart and the need to protect her.

One of my most memorable, movie moments of “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” is the scene when Stewart’s body is emaciated because of her unborn baby; and Stewart falls and we can see and hear her bones breaking as she falls to the floor.  It was painful — and funny — to watch.  Hey, I have a sick sense of humor!

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” is the sequence that resolves the baby/Vampire-Werewolf truce.  Have no fear, I won’t reveal it.  But it’s a great idea, and I wasn’t expecting it.

So far, this is my least favorite of the “Twilight” movies.  Mostly because the first half hour was mostly devoted to the wedding, and the next half hour was mostly the honeymoon.  Yes, I know that with all the buildup to the marriage that was put in the first 3 movies, it was fitting to give so much time to the wedding and honeymoon.  But I’m a guy, so weddings aren’t really my thing.   It’s still a good movie, and I enjoyed it; and I can’t wait to watch the final movie after I finish writing this.

I never thought I would get hooked on these movies, but I am.