Several years ago, I was in one of my local libraries in NYC, and in the “new DVDs” section my eyes caught the first two “Twilight” movies.  I decided to take a chance on them and see what the big deal was about.  I’ve been hooked on this series since that day.  But, all things come to an end; and when you’ve been following characters for years, it’s hard to get to that point when it’s all over and say goodbye them.  Until you buy the series on home video, in which case you get to watch it all over again from the beginning, and feel as if you’re visiting a long, lost friend : D

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” is the fifth and last installment of the “Twilight” series.  Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, is finally a vampire, and it suits her very well.  Gone are the grungy clothing, the unkempt hair, the slouching, and lack of make-up.  As a vampire, her hair is always perfect, she’s all glammed up, wearing flashier and fitted clothing, and she stands and sits up straight.  As a “newborn,” she is stronger than the average vampire, but she needs to learn to control her thirst for blood.  But that’s not her only problem.

Her daughter, Renesmee, is growing at a very fast rate, and…Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, has imprinted (made a very strong emotional, spiritual, and usually sexual connection) soon after she was born in “Breaking Dawn — Part 1.”  D’oh.  Lautner’s  admission to Stewart — whom he was in love with for years — that he has imprinted on Stewart’s daughter is one of my most memorable moments of this movie.  Stewart has some idea of what imprinting means, and Lautner has to explain to an extremely strong and angry vampire mother that he has no control over who he imprints on, and that Lautner considers himself as Renesmee’s protector and friend.   Still, this is one sticky situation.  What’s going to happen when Renesmee grows up into a woman?

A bigger problem is that the leader of the most powerful and ruling vampire coven, Michael Sheen (who plays Aro), has received erroneous information about Renesmee.   He perceives Renesmee as a threat, and uses that pretense to destroy the vampire family that Stewart and her vampire husband (played by Robert Pattinson) belong to and take the ones that he covets.  You see, Sheen builds up his power by taking vampires with powers he wants to use for his own purposes.  If the chosen vampires do not go willingly, Sheen will make an excuse to destroy their family and take the vampire by force.

Stewart, Pattinson, and the rest of their vampire clan decide to spread the word out to other vampires who will hear the truth about Renesmee, hoping to get as many vampires into Forks, Washington, to witness what Sheen and his evil Volturi clan of vampires are planning to do.  Supposedly, with all the witnesses…witnessing…maybe Sheen won’t make a move on the little, vampire chick and her family.   Oh, Lautner and his pack of werewolves are also going to attend the party as extra muscle.

And just like a party that has tons of relatives that have beef among each other, eventually a fight breaks out.   The fight sequence at the end is my most memorable, movie moment of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.”  A bit of a SPOILER ALERT here.  It’s more of a war than a fight, and many will die.  Fans of the movies — as I am — will feel pain as you watch many of your favorite characters get killed.   And at the end of the largest battle in “Twilight” history, you’ll be like, “Are you f@#&*ng kidding me!”  I won’t go into further detail, so let me just say that after the initial shock was over, I’m glad it happened the way it did.  Those who have watched this movie will understand.

This is a satisfying end to a 5-part, movie series that I have enjoyed for years.  So, goodbye to all the “Twilight” characters that I became fond of…I’ll miss you.  I’ll be sure to visit again one day.