This movie is one for folding laundry while you watch it.

Katherine Heigl plays a down on her luck woman who turns to bounty hunting to make ends meet.  She has no experience in law enforcement, but hey, what the hell, how hard could it be, right?  As an added incentive for her to be a fugitive recovery agent, her ex-high school crush, played by Jason O’Mara, is a fugitive with a big bounty of $50,000.  So, Heigl decides to go after O’Mara in order to get the 10 percent bounty fee plus get even with O’Mara for breaking her heart back when a desktop computer with 512KB of memory and a 20GB hard drive cost $3,000.

So why is O’Mara a fugitive in “One For The Money?”  He’s a former cop accused of killing an innocent, unarmed man.  Of course, O’Mara claims it was a clean kill and he is being set up by local thugs who want to silence anyone who can put a wrench in their criminal operations.  Knowing that it’s not healthy for his butt to be locked up in prison, O’Mara goes on the lam to prove his innocence.

A decent concept, right?  Unfortunately, the execution was botched like the Obamacare rollout.  Heigl and O’Mara have no chemistry; the editing and screenplay were mediocre; and the pacing — mostly a product of editing, directing, and the screenplay — is off.  I did not feel engaged with the movie until the last 20 minutes when things started to pick up.  That’s like saying I married a woman and for the first 5 years I didn’t give a damn about her, but I stuck it out because I had nothing better to do; and now she grew on me.  That’s not quite a glowing review, is it?

Do I have a memorable, movie moment for this forgettable flick?  That’s right, Spartacus!  That would be the scene when Heigl gets into a mixed martial arts ring with a very scary thug in order to chat some information out of him.  Within seconds, the thug has her against the cage and is about to do all kinds of damage to Heigl.  Pretty intense and unexpected for a movie that is mostly light-hearted.

Save your time and watch “The Bounty Hunter” instead.  Although that one isn’t that good, either, it’s a much better movie.  It’s like having to choose to ride either a Big Wheel or a tricycle.  One is better than the other, but even if you choose the better ride, you still lose.