I was in one of my local libraries when I came upon this movie that I’ve never heard of before.  I’m always on the lookout for indie flicks that look interesting, so I picked “The Violent Kind,” not fully reading the synopsis on the back of the DVD case as I was in a rush to choose more DVDs and CDs.  Well, I went with the assumption that this movie is just about bikers doing violent, criminal acts.  Wrong assumption.  Combine “Sons of Anarchy” with “Sometimes They Come Back” and “Evil Dead” and “Funny Games,” and you get “The Violent Kind.”

Cory Knauf plays a motorcycle gang member who attends a motorcycle club party out in the boondocks where things start to get spooky once the party is over and most of the members have left.  Strange lights appear in the sky, like aurora borealis; and strange people dressed like they are from the 1950s appear in the woods.  One by one, the remaining biker dudes and chicks get attacked by the greasy haired men of the woods.  I thought it was going to turn into a standard bad guys against bad-ass guys action flick, but nope.  One of the biker chicks becomes possessed!

More twists and turns follow, leaving the audience to constantly scratch their heads wondering what the hell is going on with this movie.  Yes, the craziness works with regard to making the audience want to keep watching to see the big payoff and know what the 1950s people are up to.  But the movie tries too hard to be unique, and there’s not enough talent in the writing and direction to pull this off well.  Have you ever eaten food by someone who is a decent cook, and that person just decided to take a basic dish and put all kinds of s*#t in it to make it all special?  And in the end, after tasting that Frankenstein food, although it tasted okay and your hunger was satiated, you told the cook, “dude, just stick with the basic recipe.”  Well, that’s how I feel about “The Violent Kind.”

The grossest scene in this movie is my most memorable moment of “The Violent Kind.”  That’s when the biker chick who becomes possessed is lying in bed, passed out and bloody as hell, and some biker dude starts feeling her up!  Hey, I’m into a lot of kinky stuff, but this is just disgusting.  My stomach was getting queasy watching this part.  But to each his own.  Most people avoid feces, some like to play with it.

Bottom line: as far as indie movies go, “The Violent Kind” is okay.  Unless you really have nothing else to watch, I say skip it for higher quality movies.

— M