“No Escape” stars Owen Wilson as a man who moves his family to a troubled country in Asia to start a new job working for a corporation that will provide clean water to the country.  Unfortunately for him and every foreigner, there has been a rebellion, the government is about to collapse; and the rebels are killing every foreigner on sight.  Trapped in a country he is completely unfamiliar with, Wilson must find a way to evade the rebels and get his family to safety.  One ray of light in all this darkness is Pierce Brosnan, who plays a drunken contractor who is more than what he appears to be.

One of my memorable, movie moments is the scene when Wilson has to throw his young daughters down an adjacent roof for their mother to catch because the rebels are a heartbeat away.   What you see in the commercials is just a fraction of the entire scene which is so powerful it will command your attention and get your heart racing.

Another memorable moment of this movie is the scene when Wilson has been captured by rebels.  Already shot in the shoulder, he is about to be executed, and one of his daughters runs out to make them stop.  A rebel grabs the girl, forces her to point a pistol at Wilson, and points another gun to the girl’s head.  Wilson’s daughter is given the choice of killing her father, or being killed herself.  Seeing that there is no way out, Wilson tells his daughter that he loves her, and to shoot him so she’ll have a chance to live.

My most memorable, movie moment of “No Escape” is the scene when Brosnan gives a simple explanation to Wilson of why the rebellion took place.   Foreign governments and corporations go to poor countries, offer the countries help with loans that they know the poor countries can’t pay back.  Indebted, the governments of these poor countries basically let the foreigners take over and do what they want to reap massive amounts of profits on the backs of the indigenous people.  Sadly, this is true…in the past, in the present, and in the future.

“No Escape” is a very good movie in every way: acting, directing, editing/pacing, story…and also the chemistry of the actors who play Wilson’s family.  Forget those movies where Wilson plays a goofball.   After a few minutes, you’ll see him as a desperate father who will do whatever he has to to keep his family alive; and this family will become real in your mind very quickly, pulling you in closer to this highly intense story.

Yes, Maximus, I was extremely entertained!

— M

My nieces and I at the drive-in.

My nieces and I at the drive-in.  I’m blocking out their cute faces to protect their privacy.