The world’s most famous, movie spy, James Bond, is back in his third movie adventure, “Goldfinger.”  Sean Connery, playing Bond, is sent by MI6 to gather info on how a man named Goldfinger (played by Gert Frobe) is smuggling his gold bullion out of England.  Halfway through the movie, Connery discovers a more diabolical scheme that Frobe will unleash on the world: destroy the gold bullion reserve in Fort Knox, U.S.A., so that the value of Frobe’s hoard of gold will skyrocket.

Top place for my most memorable, movie moments of “Goldfinger” is the scene when Connery is spread-eagle on a metal table and Frobe has a powerful laser beam slowly cutting through the table, aiming for Connery’s baby maker and heading up until Connery will be split in two.  So much sweat pours out of Connery’s face — can you blame him! — that he looks like he just came out of the shower.  “Do you expect me to talk?” Connery asks, hoping Frobe is just trying to scare him.  “No, Mr. Bond,” Frobe replies, “I expect you to die!”

The introduction of the gorgeous, Aston Martin DB-5 takes the second spot for my memorable moments of this movie.  The car is fully loaded with machine guns, oil slicks, smoke screen, tire shredders, ejector seats…screw the back-up camera, these are the options I really want in a car!  Got a passenger that just won’t shut the f*&k up when a good song is playing?  Eject!  Have a date that just wants to talk about her ex?  Eject!  Have a bratty kid that won’t talk to you because you won’t buy him those $300 Air Jordans?  Eject!

Taking third place for my memorable moments of “Goldfinger” is the introduction of the character Pussy Galore.  Whoa!  How the hell did this movie, which came out in 1964, get away with that one!   It’s one hell of a name and one hell of a trick the studios did to get the censors to approve the use of Pussy Galore.

Last place for my memorable, movie moments of “Goldfinger” is the iconic scene of the character Jill Masterson’s naked, dead body covered in gold paint.  She was unfortunate enough to have been working for Frobe and made the bad decision to sleep with one of his enemies.  She paid the ultimate price, through skin asphyxiation.

Although “Goldfinger” is a very early Bond movie, it has most of the elements that the Bond movie formula has: a sexually suggestive name for one of the female characters; Bond gadgets; corny one-liners; lack of realism and logic; a larger than life villain; and large, action set pieces.  It’s fun entertainment that is still going strong.

— M