Grade C+

Taking place days after the ending of “The Descent,” Part 2 has Shauna Macdonald — the only person who escaped the cave infested with the flesh-eating monsters in the first movie — coerced by one of the dumbest, inept Sheriffs in movie history to go back into the uncharted cave system with a few other cavers to rescue Macdonald’s 5 friends who are still down there.  Oh, the Sheriff and his deputy, who have zero experience in caving and are not properly equipped, are also going along for the ride.  Yay, more victims.   Macdonald, suffering from PTSD and amnesia, of course cannot tell the rescue team that there are slimy, humanoid creatures in the cave who love the taste of human flesh and blood…until it is too late.

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Descent: Part 2” is the scene when idiot Sheriff handcuffs himself to Macdonald!  Why did he do this?  Probably the same reason he kept this rescue on the down low, i.e., there is no good reason!  I chalk it up to extremely lazy screenwriting, where the filmmakers just wanted to send some victims back down there and have the most ridiculous excuse as to why there is no back-up team should the first team run into trouble.   Anyway, back to the idiot cop.  So this jackass handcuffs himself to Macdonald because she wants to go find her own way out, and idiot cop — who can’t even fight one monster by himself — thinks he knows better and will force Macdonald to go his way, and does so in a way that severely handicaps both of their fighting abilities!  To the screenwriters of this flick: was this movie shot using your first draft?  Don’t bother answering, because no matter how you answer, you look incompetent.

Despite the shenanigans mentioned above as well as others not mentioned, “The Descent: Part 2” is an okay horror movie, with a great atmosphere, a few good scares and many cheap ones, and good acting by the majority of the cast.  It’s nowhere near the higher level of “The Descent,” but I recommend fans of the first movie to watch this one so they can finish the story and put this to bed.

(Sigh) Well, Maximus, I was somewhat entertained; if you must throw your swords again into the crowd, please direct them to the director/writers of this movie.

— M