Grade A

A tale of the future when society breaks down after a natural resource is depleted.  Food becomes scarce, the population rapidly diminishes, and those few who survive live a bleak existence where everything has to be fought for.

Martin McCann plays a man living alone in a small cabin in a forest.  He has a little garden that provides enough food for one person, a double-barreled shotgun with only two shells, and empty cans attached to a string as an intruder alarm.  Wake up, wash, garden, chop wood, walk the perimeter, cook, eat, sleep, repeat…until one day, when two women (Mia Goth and Olwen Fouere, playing daughter and mother, respectively) come upon his cabin asking for food.  The women try to barter jewelry and pumpkin seeds for food, but McCann refuses.  Fouere offers Goth for sex, and McCann accepts.

A very uneasy and temporary truce is struck between McCann and the women who want to stay in return for helping with the garden and Goth continuing to have sex with McCann; but even with the extra help, there still won’t be enough food for three people.  Using all her skills, Goth convinces McCann to let her and her mom stay a bit longer.  As McCann lets his guard down a little, Goth and Fouere plot to disarm and kill their host, but the mother/daughter  forget that there are other threats in the forest, both tangible and intangible.

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Survivalist” is the scene when McCann is about to urinate on soil to fertilize it; but instead he fixates on a picture of a woman and starts masturbating!

The scene mentioned above is the only funny part of the movie, which is dark, depressing, and surprisingly a bit hopeful.  “The Survivalist” is a rarity in the movie business: a very low-budget, post-apocalyptic movie that packs a hell of an emotional punch that you will feel long after the end credits stop.

— M