Grade B-

Sarah Wayne Callies and Jeremy Sisto play wife and husband who live in India, raising two little children, a boy and a girl.  A life that is a dream come true spirals into a nightmare when a car accident leaves the boy dead.  Unable to cope with the death of her young son, Callies becomes withdrawn and depressed.

The nanny takes pity on Callies, and tells her that there is a temple that could give Callies some closure.  Callies is to spread the ashes of her son on the steps of the temple’s entrance, then lock herself in the temple and wait for night to come.  And then…the spirit of her dead son will come to the door, where both mother and son can speak and say their final goodbyes.  But Callies is strongly warned to not open the door no matter what occurs.  Need I say more on what Callies does when her dead son begs her to open the door?

Soon after Callies breaks the number one rule of the temple, she begins to see and hear signs of her son’s spirit in the house.  Surprisingly, she is elated.  To her, this is her son who has come back to her, and she feels whole once more.  But joy slowly turns into dread and fear as the spirit she has unwittingly invited into her life becomes malevolent.

One of my memorable moments of this movie is the scene when Callies is in the temple at night, waiting for her son’s spirit to be summoned.  It is a well crafted scene that gives genuine scares and will have the audience constantly asking “What the hell is she doing?”

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Other Side Of The Door” is the final scene of the movie. **SPOILER ALERT** So, after Sisto experiences all the bad things from bringing the dead back to our world, he decides to make the same mistake as Callies and goes through the same ritual to talk to his dead wife, and open the door so she can be with him again?  Get the hell out!  This scene did not ring true with Sisto’s character.  His daughter was almost killed by the first spirit, and now he’s going to put both of them at risk again with the same, exact mistake that Callies did?  Granted, the execution of this scene deserves high praise; but logically it made no sense to the story.

Overall, “The Other Side Of The Door” is an enjoyable, horror treat.  Certainly not one of the best…but good enough.  And if it’s good enough for me, I think it’s good enough for you.

— M