I’ve been a movie lover since I was a kid, averaging 4 to 5 movies per week…until I started this movie review blog.  Taking time to analyze the movie, what I should write in my reviews…these things have slowed down my movie watching to an average of 1 per week.  That’s not good, as I am missing out on so much entertainment being put out there.

To remedy the situation, I have created a sub-category in this blog called Manny’s Movie Musings, which is a quick, one paragraph, movie review.  This will give me a healthy balance of writing movie reviews (in long and short form), and being able to watch more movies which will make me a happier person.

So, movies that will get the quickie reviews will be prefaced with “Manny’s Movie Musings” below the grade that I gave it.  Ok?  Hmmm…I don’t even know why I asked that question, as if your approval or disapproval will have any bearing on my decision.

— M