Manny’s Movie Musings: A deaf/mute woman (played by Amanda Adrienne) is kidnapped, tortured, raped, and left for dead by a gang of racist “desertbillies” in New Mexico.  At the point of death, the spirit of an ancient, Apache warrior inhabits her body, giving her the opportunity to exact bloody revenge upon those who defiled her; but she must act quickly, as her body is dead and is quickly rotting.  What could have been a very bad, B movie is saved by the great acting of Adrienne and a lot of action sequences.  My most memorable, movie moment of “Savaged” is the scene when Adrienne’s broken body tries to save her kidnapped boyfriend: the pickup truck of the bad guys take off with her b/f, and she cannot pursue them because of her injuries; she reaches out and screams…and it’s just heartbreaking.

— M