Grade B

Manny’s Movie Musings: A teen-aged girl who is part of the “out crowd” makes a wish that she is already 30-years-old and living a fabulous life; and with the help of some magic dust, it happens.   She wakes up as an adult (played by Jennifer Garner) living in an expensive apartment in Manhattan, with a high-paying job in a magazine, and she has a boyfriend who is a famous, popular, hockey player.  Oh, and she still has the mind of a 13-year-old!  Garner slowly realizes that her dream life is not what she thought it would be — the cost of getting all these things she considers fabulous is that she became a “mean girl” and she alienated the boy who would grow up to be the man she still loves (played by Mark Ruffalo).   As hard as Garner tries to make things right, what she has done in the past is done, and people have moved on and she’ll have to suffer the consequences of her actions.  But…there may yet be one small hope of altering her present life.  Although the premise of “13 Going On 30” is far from original, Jennifer Garner’s performance and chemistry with Ruffalo make this an enjoyable rom/com.  We all know Garner is a natural at drama, but here she also shows how adept she is at comedy.   My most memorable, movie moment of “13 Going On 30” is the scene when Garner and Ruffalo start doing the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance!

— M