Grade B –

A deaf/mute woman (played by Kate Siegel) is alone in a cabin in the woods, writing her novel.  Then one night, a masked man with a crossbow appears, telling her (Siegel can read lips) he will kill her; but before he does, he will torture her, physically and mentally.   Cutting off her power supply, Siegel has no way to call the police.  Her nearest neighbors are nowhere to be found, and she cannot outrun the killer.  She knows that eventually the killer will tire of this “game” and break into her house and finish her.  With limited options available, Siegel creates a daring plan that will give her a chance — albeit slim — to survive.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Hush” is the scene **SPOILER ALERT** when the killer stabs a neighbor in the neck, and toys with him as he bleeds out.  The victim puts up a hell of a fight, but with the rapid loss of blood, the outcome is certain.

“Hush” is a good suspense/thriller movie that would have been so much better had it not been for the two shenanigans I am about to mention.  Shenanigan #1) **SPOILER ALERT** when her female neighbor is banging on Siegel’s door as she is being killed, Siegel doesn’t feel the vibrations, even though she’s only a few feet away.  Shenanigan #2) the male neighbor I mentioned of in the previous paragraph was a complete idiot in his first interactions with the killer.  Only after a million clues was dropped on his caveman head did he get what was happening, and even then he kept making one mistake after another.  Perhaps it was best that he was killed so that the world wouldn’t be infected by his genetic code that carries the stupid gene.

Despite those shenanigans, I very much enjoyed “Hush”; rooting for Siegel to somehow find a way to survive, and wishing for the killer’s death from the moment he appeared.  Any movie that gets you involved like that is a good movie to watch.

— M