Grade B

“The Bourne Legacy” is the 4th “Bourne” movie and the first one that doesn’t have Matt Damon, unless you count pictures of the actor shown in a few scenes for reference.  Taking over the leading role in this movie is Jeremey Renner, playing a super-secret spy working for a super-secret agency within the CIA.  Unfortunately for Renner, he is part of a spy program that produced Jason Bourne (Matt Damon); and since Damon has turned rogue, the CIA fears other agents of the program might also flip out and turn against their handlers.  The super spy programs are torn down, and the super agents are killed off…except for Renner, who barely manages an assassination attempt on his life.

Renner must now evade CIA assassins, which he is very adept at.  His biggest problem are the meds that he has to take on a regular basis so his body doesn’t break down.  This leads him to Rachel Weisz, a doctor whom he has had frequent contact with within the spy program — a doctor who knows too much and is also a target for termination.   Alone, they have no hope of survival — Renner needs his meds and Weisz needs someone to protect her from the assassins and get her “off the grid.”  But together, they might be able to come out of this nightmare alive.

“Legacy” is a good offshoot of the “Bourne” movies, almost as good as the previous three movies.  Where this movie falls short of its predecessors are: 1) the Jason Bourne character is much more likeable; and 2) “Legacy” doesn’t really take off re: intensity and action until about 30 minutes into the movie.

My most memorable, movie moment of “The Bourne Legacy” is the **SPOILER ALERT** scene when Weisz reveals to Renner what his meds do: they enhance his body and mind, essentially making him a superhuman.  This explains how Damon (as Bourne) and Renner can do the amazing things we see them do in these four movies, like beating the hell out of multiple enemies within a matter of seconds.

Fans of the “Bourne” movies will, of course, be disappointed in not having Damon reprise his role.  But this movie is a must-see for “Bourne” fans because it gives more backstory to Jason Bourne and the overall programs that he was tied with; and “Legacy” in and of itself is an entertaining, action flick.

— M