Grade C +

Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass returns to the “Bourne” series to make the 5th “Bourne” movie, “Jason Bourne.”  This is a perfect case of Hollywood squeezing every penny out of a story that should have ended a long time ago.  “Bourne” fans: don’t blame Damon — if someone offered you millions to do a movie, you’d do it too.

Okay, so the story of “Jason Bourne”…umm…have you seen the first three “Bourne” movies?  Yes?  Then you know the story to this fifth installment of the series.  But let me give you some more details.  Damon (as Bourne) is unhappily living a life “off the grid” beating the hell out of big guys for money, then he finds out about data stolen from the CIA computers that has info about Damon’s past.   Wait…didn’t Damon already received this info from “Supremacy?”  Well…this is new information!  About Damon’s daddy.  And what daddy did while working for the CIA.  And how daddy died.  And who killed daddy.   And daddy’s connection to the super spy programs that Damon was tied to.   Damon needs to know!

So Damon resurfaces, CIA heads get afraid again and put out a kill order on Damon, Damon evades the assassins and gets closer to the truth and the bad guys, yada yada yada.  Oh, there’s a big, car chase sequence that goes on for so long, you can take a nap and when you wake up, it’s still going.  And there is still the common shenanigan in the “Bourne” movies where Damon, for the most part, wears no disguise despite being wanted by the biggest spy agency in the world.

Well, let’s get to it: my most memorable, movie moment of “Jason Bourne.”  That would be the scene when **SPOILER ALERT** Julia Stiles’ character is killed.  I liked her character, and I was sorry to see her go in such a violent manner.  But at least Stiles won’t have to suffer being in the 6th movie, “Bourne Again” or the 7th movie, “Bourne To Kill.”

If this movie was a financial instrument, it would be a savings account.  Why?  Because the returns are soooooo small.  You put your time and money into a movie, only to get a teeny tiny bit that is new, and the rest is the same old stuff from before.  This movie is tired, most of the actors here look tired, and the story is definitely tired and needs to be retired.

— M