Grade B +

“Sausage Party” is a raunchy, hilarious (except to those who are very sensitive) animated movie about the secret life of food in a big, grocery store.  Seth Rogen plays a hot dog whose main goal in life is to be united with a hot dog bun played by Kristen Wiig.  They, along with thousands of other foods, live a happy and carefree life in the store, believing that one day, a human will pick them up and take them to food heaven where they will be set free and all will be well.  But when a few food products who managed to escape the carnage that awaits food in the hands of humans comes back to the store and tells of the horrors they experienced, panic quickly spreads, forcing the foods to either deny what their true fate is, or fight the humans in an all out war for survival.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Sausage Party” is the scene when the food products that have been bought by a shopper get a shocking and brutal reality check of what the purpose of food is.

As with most Seth Rogen movies, this is not just about gross-out, crude jokes.   “Sausage Party” does have a heart, too; and makes some commentaries on prejudice and tolerance and acceptance…it just does it in mostly disgusting, but funny, ways.  Bottom line: Seth Rogen fans should not miss this one; non-Rogen fans may want to move on and watch another re-make of another Jane Austin movie.

— M