C +

Manny’s Movie Musings: “Final Destination 3” gives us another set of victims who have cheated death, only to have death come at them one by one to give them worse, cringe inducing deaths.  The movie follows the tried and true formula of the series: the main character sees a vision of her death and those of others, and manages to avoid it; nudity; violent, graphic deaths that are preceded by a strange chain of events; and the futile attempt of the victims to prevent their deaths — no, this is not a spoiler as this is all part of the “FD” package.  Fans come back to this series not to see if the characters die — we all know they will — but to see how they will die.  “FD” movies will never win any award for storytelling; its goal is to provide fun, albeit slightly twisted entertainment on seeing characters die horribly.  My most memorable, movie moment is the scene when the two blonde ditzes die in the tanning salon.  Their deaths are probably the most horrific because of how long it takes them to die.

— M