Grade A +

A terrifying documentary on the U.S. government’s suppression of evidence of intelligent, extra-terrestrial beings visiting Earth.  Explanations are offered as to why aliens have increased their visitations since the 1940s; and why U.S., ultra covert organizations are willing to do anything to keep the public stupid regarding intelligent, extra-terrestrial life.  For true believers, your life just got darker and more hopeful at the same time.  For non-believers, it’s a hell of a story.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Unacknowledged” is the scene when Steven M. Greer tells his story of a visit from a close friend of Bill Clinton years ago.  The friend tells Greer that Clinton won’t delve too deeply into the secrecy of alien visitations of Earth for fear of being assassinated by those in the U.S. government who wish to keep it secret.

— M