Grade B-

A highly controversial movie by director Sam Peckinpah, “Straw Dogs” stars Dustin Hoffman and Susan George as a married couple living in an English countryside who endure an escalating series of attacks by local goons.

Hoffman plays the calm and gentle mathematician who chooses to be ignorant of the menacing nature of the local men he hired to work on finishing his garage; while George plays the young, petulant wife who notices the little threats all around her but cannot persuade her husband to see things as she does.  Hoffman judges George to be childish and silly, and George accuses Hoffman of being a coward.  Soon both will be tested to their limits, and their true natures will be exposed when the goons lay siege to their farmhouse and demand something that Hoffman cannot comply with.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Straw Dogs” is the most controversial segment of the movie, **SPOILER ALERT** the double rape of George.  Controversial for three reasons: 1) its raw brutality (this is a 1971 movie, don’t forget); 2) George appears to enjoy the final moments of the first rape; and 3) it is insinuated that George is anally raped during the second rape.   This part of the movie is something that movie fans will heatedly argue over for many years to come.

“Straw Dogs” isn’t a movie for the faint of heart nor for those looking for a quick thrill.  It starts off very slowly, and the suspense builds up gradually until what is left is a devolution of human nature to its basest instincts.

— M