Grade B-


Why do I give this ridiculous movie such a high grade?  I like Bumblebee.

“Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen” throws logic out the window and doesn’t seem to care if you notice it; and of course, lots of fast paced, loud and lengthy action sequences are shoved in your face to shake off those critical thoughts you are trying to formulate.

So…who exactly are “The Fallen?”  It turns out to be a single, high ranking Decepticon, just waiting out in space for the last Prime (Optimus Prime) to be destroyed.   Oh, this Fallen dude is Megatron’s boss, and Megatron will stop at nothing to bring his boss back to power.  But, how is Megatron still alive, you wonder.  Well, the U.S. government, in its infinite wisdom, takes Megatron’s body and dumps it into the deepest part of the ocean.   Why didn’t they just let Optimus Prime tear him into so many pieces that Megatron can never come back?  Why not shoot Megatron with howitzer shells laced with phosphorous?  Why not…never mind.  Anyway, a shard of the allspark thingy from the first movie is used by the evil Decepticon transformers to bring Megatron back to life; and now the Decepticons are racing to the Middle East to activate a device that will destroy the Sun, and the Autobots and a few good humans are there to meet them head on and stop their evil plans.

Okay, I can’t wait anymore to tell you of my biggest gripe: a Decepticon Terminator.   Transformers have the power to scan a machine and take on that form, right?  But in this movie, they can now transform into Size 0 models.  Yup, skin, hair, all that.  How?  It’s not explained.  This is where I hold my hands up and just shake my head.   The revelation of the Decepticon/Terminator woman is my most memorable, movie moment of “Revenge Of The Fallen,” memorable because of how bad this screenplay can get.

Typical of Michael Bay movies, the pacing is fast, there are numerous, poignant scenes that quickly vanish, the action sequences are spectacular, and logic takes a back seat.   If you don’t take it too seriously, this second “Transformers” movie can be very entertaining.  Despite the overall stupidity of the script, it does manage to elevate itself slightly because of the running themes of friendship and loyalty and sacrifice.

— M