Grade A

Director Robert Rodgriguez adapts Frank Miller’s comic book into a stylish, entertaining, and engrossing movie that rarely pulls its punches.

“Sin City” intertwines three stories of murder, corruption, greed, gluttony, love and sacrifice: a Detective (played by Bruce Willis) putting his freedom and life on the line for a kidnapped girl; a brutish thug (Mickey Rourke) with some decent qualities goes on a rampage to find the killer of a hooker; and a criminal (Clive Owen) who helps prostitutes fight the police and mob.  All three stories are ultra violent — sometimes to the point of comedy — and the main characters are memorable.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Sin City” is the scene when Willis, near the end of the movie, decides on a course of action that he believes would spare the life of someone he loves.

“Sin City” is a movie that is substantial as it is stylish.  Fans of noir and comics will have a great time with this movie, and will surely watch it again.

— M