Grade A –


Where do I begin?  Okay, I’ll write this assuming the readers haven’t watched any Marvel comics-based movie in the last 10 years.  A giant alien is on a mission to gather 6 Infinity stones that will give him so much power that he can make things happen with just a thought.  And what does this alien want to happen?  He — Thanos — wants half the universe to die because he believes overpopulation will wind up killing everyone.  So in his mind, better to have half live than none.   This is probably the biggest flaw of the movie.  You see, overpopulation will wind up killing people and animals eventually, through disease, lack of food and water, warfare, etc.  Anyway…

Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) eventually will make his way to Earth, and the superheros known as the Avengers will do everything they can to keep Thanos from carrying out his mission.  Almost every major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is present; and if you are a big comic book fan, this movie truly is an overload…in a great way.   As you would expect, the action sequences are numerous, intense, funny, beautiful, and too often tragic.

Typical of the “Avengers” movies, the humor tries to balance the serious nature of the situation; but in this third “Avengers” movie, the body count of beloved characters is hard to bear.  Yes, future movies will guarantee some type of resurrection, but seeing one favorite character after another die is still tough for fans.

My most memorable movie moment of “Avengers: Infinity War” is the scene when Thanos explains to his “adopted daughter” why he does what he does.  Although his logic is flawed, viewers can see the depth of this character; and as the movie progresses, Thanos is ultimately the most fleshed out and most pivotal character of the movie.

Unlike most movie series that just rehashes the same crap on a larger scale, “Avengers: Infinity War” is a natural progression to all the MCU movies that came before it.   Highly entertaining and relevant to the stories that precede it, this is a movie that no Marvel Comics fan should miss.

— M