Grade C-


Sally Field plays a woman whose life is shattered when a serial rapist (played by Kiefer Sutherland) attacks and kills Field’s daughter.  The proof that would put Sutherland away in prison for years is thrown out by the judge when the prosecution fails to provide the defense a means to test that proof.   Sutherland is free to walk the streets and smear his slime all over the world while Field seethes and contemplates murder.

Step by step, Field inches into the murky world of revenge; but she has no idea that when you study evil, evil studies you.  Field has lost one daughter, but she may lose her other child, her husband and her life if she proceeds to carry out her plan.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Eye For An Eye” is the scene when Field hears her daughter being attacked by Sutherland through her cell phone.   For several minutes we see a panicked, desperate mother whose baby is being killed and there isn’t much she can do to help.

“Eye For An Eye” is a typical, Hollywood revenge movie that piles on the clichés to the point of the audience knowing the ending before they even buy the tickets.   Don’t get me wrong, some clichés are good.  The audience expects the bad guy in this type of movie to get killed…we want to see it, we demand it, and when it finally happens we feel good.  But there is a way to execute a cliché in a manner that makes sense; and in the case of “Eye For An Eye,” the director and writers seem to have thrown sense out the window and let a 14-year-old write the third act.

— M