Grade B


A young, Asian couple (Constance Wu, playing the girlfriend; and Henry Golding, playing the boyfriend) go to Singapore to take part in the wedding of Golding’s best friend.  To Golding, it’s a chance to reconnect with the family that he left to live in the U.S.; and to Wu, it’s a chance to meet her fiancée’s family for the first time.  But the Golding family isn’t your average Singaporean family — they are rich…crazy rich.  Wu will have an uphill battle to gain the trust and approval of her fiancée’s uptight and class-conscience family.  Using her intelligence and fighting spirit, as well as a few allies to support her, Wu may have a chance at achieving her goals.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Crazy Rich Asians” is the scene when a Golding relative tells her unfaithful, inadequate feeling husband that she is leaving him and taking their child and that it’s not her responsibility to make him feel like a man — she can’t turn him into what he isn’t.  Stinging jabs delivered with so much class.

Too much has been said about the stereotypes in this movie…then again, the world has become way too sensitive.  I’m Asian and found this movie to be very entertaining.   Typical of a good rom/com/drama, it has its clichés; but fans of this genre will still love it.

— M