Grade D+

Manny’s Movie Musings: a rich amusement park entrepreneur (played by Geoffrey Rush) and his wife invite people to join them for a night of “fun” inside the “House On Haunted Hill,” which has a bloody and sinister past.  Any guest who stays the whole night will be given a check for $1 million dollars.  Before the guests can agree to the terms, steel shutters unexpectedly lock everybody in.  Rush’s games and ulterior motives will initiate events that he hopes will benefit him; but the evil within the building has other ideas.   My most memorable, movie moment of “House On Haunted Hill” is the scene that shows the escaped, criminally insane patients killing the asylum staff.  This movie is a mildly entertaining — if you are high on booze — and mostly silly piece of Hollywood crap that concentrates on style instead of substance.  Oh, and the shenanigans are too many to count, but here is one: the evil is locked up by a brick wall, but it can go through floors and ceilings once it escapes.  Yup, cocaine and pain killers flows freely in the entertainment business.   It explains a lot of crappy movies, doesn’t it?

— M