Many years ago, a Rottweiler was part of my family.  For those not in the know, a Rottweiler — or Rottie — is a breed of dog.  So…any movie that has a Rottie as a prominent character gets special attention from me.  I know, this movie came out 15 years ago and I’m only watching it now!  Well, I never knew there was a Rottie in this movie, otherwise I would’ve watched it when it came out.

“Amores Perros” is about 3 stories set in Mexico that intersect with each other during a car accident.  Each story has the same themes of humans having unrequited love for other people; and humans loving their dogs in varying degrees.

Story 1 deals with a young man, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, who is in love with a woman who is married to his hoodlum brother.  Bernal also co-owns a Rottweiler whom he loves, but doesn’t love enough to keep him from fighting other dogs for money.  Using his dog as a means to achieve  his dream of running away with his sister-in-law, Bernal is on a fast track to fulfilling that objective; but his greed and overconfidence blinds him to the dangers of his actions.

Story 2 is about a man who leaves his family for a model.  They move into an apartment that has a hole in the floor that the model’s dog runs into and is unable to come out of for days.  This is one of many problems the couple has to work out if they are to salvage their relationship which is on a downward spiral.

Story 3 introduces us to a disheveled, poor man who roams around the city with his cart of items he retrieved from garbage dumps.  He is kept company by a pack of dogs that he takes care of like they were his children.  Despite his meager means — he is one shack away from being homeless — he makes a decent living by using things that people throw away and…he’s also a hit man.

Story 1 is the most gripping for me, as it contained many instances of dogfighting, which I believe is a crime worthy of the death penalty.  For any dog lover, Story 1 will be hard to take, but it’s a hell of a story that hooked me from the opening sequence…I had to know what the Rottie’s ultimate fate was!

One of my memorable, movie moments of “Amores Perros” is the scene that shows us what the poor man in Story 3 does with his next “hit” and the man who ordered the hit.  I didn’t see that coming, and that’s a good thing.

Taking the top spot of my most memorable, movie moment of “Amores Perros” is the scene when the poor man comes home and sees blood all over the Rottie that he rescued, and he finds out why the dog was so bloody.  That put a knot in my stomach.

Movie doggie deaths always get to me.  Probably because it makes me remember the last night of my Rottie’s life.  He walked from the first floor of the house down the stairs into the basement where I was.  That must have been an ordeal for him due to the advanced stage of his disease.  A few seconds after he was next to me, he collapsed and died a few minutes later.  He took the time to say goodbye.


Me and my Rottie waaaay back when.

Me and my Rottie waaaay back when.