Deep under the ice of Antarctica, an ancient pyramid is found.   Funded by the Weyland corporation (recognize that name, Alien fans?), a team of scientists, mercenaries, an expert ice climber, and Mr. Weyland himself trek to the newly found site.  Unfortunately for them, what they discovered is an active site that Predators (giant, alien hunters/warriors) use to prove their courage and combat skills against another extraterrestrial life form that we have seen many times in the “Alien” movies.

Sanaa Lathan plays the ice climber, and despite her warnings to the others to do as she says so they can maximize their odds of surviving this archaeological dig, some people just don’t listen.  The humans trigger switches that fully activate the pyramid, locking them in with three Predators and an Alien Queen that will lay eggs that will need human hosts to produce more Aliens.  It’s a big, s*#t sandwich and every human will have to take a large bite.

One of my memorable, movie moments of “AVP” is the shot of a magazine that shows the face of Mr. Weyland.  The face belongs to actor Lance Henriksen, who also plays the android, Bishop, in some of the “Alien” movies.  Weyland’s middle name happens to be Bishop.  It appears the android’s likeness was taken from the former head of the Weyland corporation.   That was a nice addition to the movie.

Another memorable moment of this movie is the scene when Lathan sees a female mercenary carrying a pistol.  Lathan tells the merc that she’s never seen a gun save anyone’s life on the ice.  The merc says it’s like a condom: better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.   Good one!

My most memorable, movie moment of “AVP” would be the flashback scene when three Predators are standing on top of the pyramid, and thousands of Aliens are rushing their way to the top, quickly overwhelming the Predators; but not before one of the Predators activates a tactical nuke-like weapon.  Fans of “Alien” movies will remember that the Alien creature has a knack for surviving even in the most extreme conditions, and can multiply like cockroaches.

Now, let’s talk about the shenanigans in this movie.  First, the amount of time that the Facehugger lays its eggs down the throats of humans and then dies and falls off is very, very quick.  Second, the amount of time it takes for the Chestburster to grow to an adult Alien is also shockingly short — I’m talking a few hours here.  It could be that this type of Alien adapted to a quicker turnaround; but I think it was just the writers and director saying, “Screw it, we need to get this moving fast, so speed things up, damn the logic!”

Another shenanigan is (SPOILER ALERT HERE) when the dead Predator is taken to the main ship by his comrades, and the other Predators don’t know that the dead one has been impregnated by a Facehugger.  This is pure b.s.  In every “Predator” movie, Predators are constantly scanning their environment and the bodies of creatures they encounter.  They use different wavelengths of light, including X-rays, to get as much information about everything they see.  But they don’t check their dead comrade for a possibility of being infected?  Get the hell out!  Lazy screenwriting: they wanted the shock/surprise/possible sequel, but didn’t do it in a way that made sense.

Well, despite the numerous, logical problems of this movie, it is still entertaining and worthy of your time.  Especially if you’re a fan of the “Predator” and “Alien” movies like I am.  “AVP” is far from being the best in the series, but it can hold its own.

— M