Grade C-


Supposedly meant to be the last of the “Saw” movies, “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” once again takes us into a gory and cringe inducing ride with the usual plot holes.  But a solid plot and fine acting isn’t what fans of this series are focusing on.  Outrageous traps and bloody deaths and more insight into the ever growing list of “Saw” characters are all that’s required.   And we get that in spades.

So, in this “chapter” of the series, Sean Patrick Flanery plays a Jigsaw trap survivor who earns the wrath of Jigsaw — or whomever is carrying on Jigsaw’s work — and finds himself in a series of elaborate traps that force him to make very difficult decisions and painful actions in order to save those he cares about.  Interwoven within this main plot are numerous subplots that try to tie up many of the loose threads in the previous movies.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Saw 3D: The Final Chapter” was the scene near the end when a major character is killed.  This character happened to be my favorite one of the series, so I was sorry to see this character get killed…and in a horrible way to boot.

There’s no sense in me saying adios to this movie franchise since there is another “Saw” movie after this.  And so the ride continues…

— M