Grade B-

Loosely based on the true story of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students who counted cards while playing blackjack in casinos.

Jim Sturgess plays an MIT student who is a genius with crunching numbers in his head.  Accepted to Harvard med school, one thing holds him back: lack of money.  Enter Kevin Spacey, a professor who takes Sturgess under his wing and teaches the young man how to count cards while playing blackjack.   Desperate for funds to go to med school, Sturgess joins Spacey and his crew of four MIT students to go to Vegas on a regular basis and win as much as they can from the casinos.  The money comes fast and easy; but someone is always watching, and luck always runs out.

My most memorable, movie moment of “21” is **SPOILER ALERT** the scene when Sturgess finally gets caught by a vicious, casino head of security (played by Larry Fishburne) and has to endure some vigilante justice.

“21” has a few shenanigans, the biggest being: Spacey tells his crew that when they go to casinos, they are to act as if they don’t know each other; yet the five students all go in at the same time, go to bars and clubs and shows together…what the hell?   “21” isn’t for everyone, but for gamblers, this movie should provide a bit of a rush.

— M