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Grade D+


A remake of the 1990 movie of the same name, “Flatliners” is about 5 doctors in training who experiment in near death experiences (NDEs), killing themselves for several minutes to see if there is an afterlife; and if so, what’s it all about.   Apparently, there is life after death, but it’s not exactly what the flatliners expect it to be.  This being a sci-fi/horror movie, there are side effects to their experimentation.

First, there is the euphoria, then excess energy, then heightened insight or intelligence, then sightings of spirits.  Are the creepy things that they are seeing really there, or are they losing their minds?  They need to find out soon before their NDEs become permanent DEs.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Flatliners” is the scene when Diego Luna, who plays the most level-headed and intelligent of the flatliners, joins the group voluntarily for the second time — the first time he was suckered into it and warned everyone they could lose their jobs and their freedom.  This was completely out of character and really took me out of the movie; and it was just the beginning of one shenanigan after another.

“Flatliners” has a few, good, creepy scenes; but the numerous, logical flaws severely undermines a movie that could have been much better.

— M

Grade C –

Manny’s Movie Musings: Two young sisters tough out a lengthy power outage in a house deep in the woods.  With supplies dwindling, people becoming more feral and desperate, the sisters must make a decision to either ride out the crisis in the relative safety of their home, or make a long, dangerous journey to a place rumored to have some semblance of civilization.   “Into The Forest” is saved from a failing grade had it not been for the great performances of Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood (playing the sisters); and the fine cinematography by Daniel Grant.  Many of the decisions the sisters make will just leave you going “huh, what the hell?”  For example: Wood dancing every day for months, using up so many calories, calories that cannot easily be replenished as their food supply is decreasing…instead of going into survival mode, she keeps practicing as if the world will be back to normal any day now, despite 4 or 6 months of no power.  Oh, well, not every movie can have a great script.  My most memorable, movie moment of “Into The Forest” is the scene when Wood, after a traumatic event, refuses to take the last aspirin, telling Page to “save it.”  Page insists Wood take the entire tablet, and Wood says she’ll just take half.  It’s a wonderful and painful scene of the love the sisters have for each other, and how much each is willing to sacrifice for the other.

— M

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