Grade B

In the near future, an alien race that hunts based on sound, are armor plated, and has claws that can slice through 2 inches of steel have taken over Earth.  Somewhere in upstate N.Y., a family of four — with a baby on the way — survives the invasion by making as little noise as possible.  But as the mother’s due date nears, death to the entire family may be unavoidable.

My most memorable, movie moment of “A Quiet Place” is the scene when one of the monsters follows Emily Blunt (who plays the mother) into the bathroom as she is about to give birth.  Not only is the scene very tense, it showcases Blunt’s tremendous acting abilities, which is one factor why I give this very flawed movie a high rating.

Ready for my discussion on this movie’s shenanigans?  One: the monsters are blind, yes, and they hunt based on sound…and nothing else, not smell, not taste.  Ok, maybe where these monstrosities come from there is no need to taste and smell…maybe…although that is a hard sell considering these are predators.   Two: these creatures somehow overpowered the military of the entire world, or at least that of the U.S.  Yes, these aliens are powerful and fast, but have you seen the hardware the U.S. Armed Forces have at their disposal?  Three: are we supposed to believe not one person on the planet figured out earlier that we should combat these aliens with some type of sonic warfare?   Instead the world as we know it has ended, and only then **SPOILER ALERT** does one deaf teen and her mom find out the aliens’ weakness.   And for those who say “well, maybe they did come by the millions, which explains how Earth was taken over,” I say to you that the movie doesn’t go into much detail on how the invasion occurred.   I understand it wants to concentrate on the family’s survival; but without a concrete, solid framework to set the rules, “A Quiet Place” opens itself up to questions and dissections which will reveal its flaws.  I could go on with more logical problems with this movie, but I don’t want to write a novella.

Fortunately, this movie has great acting, good cinematography and direction.  It is filled with suspense and tension that stays high all throughout the story.  Although flawed in many ways, I still found it very entertaining.

— M