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Grade B


The second of the Thor movies, “Thor: The Dark World” has the Universe threatened by an evil, elf ruler who wants to use something called the Aether (a powerful, energy source).  As Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) goes from one world to the next to quell wars, as well as sulk because he misses his girlfriend (Natalie Portman), the evil guy and his evil henchmen are on the march to retrieve the Aether and bring destruction to every world he can reach.   Why?  Because he’s evil.

Hemsworth has a plan to destroy the evil elf dude, but it goes against his father’s wishes.   Hemsworth decides to do it anyway with the help of his “brother” Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and a few Earthlings who are in way over their heads.  The plan is risky, and failure means the deaths of gazillions of creatures in many worlds.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Thor: The Dark World” is the scene when ** SPOILER ALERT ** Hiddleston is told that his adopted mother has been killed in combat by the evil elf ruler.   Quiet and calm at first, Hiddleston suddenly destroys his room with his magic.  Earlier in the movie, Hiddleston uttered harsh words toward his adopted mother.

“Thor: The Dark World” was more fun than I thought it would be.  The action sequences were very good, as expected; but the dialogue and how the main characters interacted with each other were done very well, which has become the trademark of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.  Despite the alluring special effects and thrilling action scenes, the characters are the ones we truly connect to.

— M

Have you ever had a night when you were young and hung out with your friends in a big city for one specific thing, and it turned into an all night adventure where you met strange, interesting, funny, and dangerous people; and no matter how strange things became, it was fun and exciting and everything turned out all right, and it would be one of those nights you’d never forget?   That is what “Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist” is.

Playing Nick is Michael Cera, and playing Norah is Kat Dennings; and both show great chemistry from the time they first meet all the way to the end of the movie.  Nick and Norah start off as strangers who have two things in common: they both like an elusive, indie band called “Where’s Fluffy?” and they  know a girl named Tris (played by Alexis Dziena).   Dziena is the ex-girlfriend of Cera, and she is also the frenemy of Dennings at her Catholic school.

As for “Where’s Fluffy?”, that band is the reason Cera and Dennings are in Manhattan, along with their respective entourages of friends.  They are both desperate to see this band; but they have to earn it by finding clues all over Manhattan as to where this band will be playing later on that night.  As if that wasn’t enough of a headache, Cera is still heartbroken over Dziena; and even though meeting Dennings livens up Cera a bit, Dziena is quick to douse the sparks she sees between Cera and Dennings — not because she still likes Cera, but because she’s one of those wenches who doesn’t like it when another girl likes the guy she threw away.  Further complicating the search for “Where’s Fluffy?” and the budding romance between Cera and Dennings is Dennings’ best friend getting wasted and lost in Manhattan.

My most memorable, movie moment of “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” is something I definitely can not relate to, but found it funny as hell: Dennings’ best friend is drunk and lost in Manhattan, and she finds herself in a bathroom stall in Penn Station.  She gets a call from Dennings on her cell phone, and drops the phone into a toilet that looks like it has a strong mixture of vomit and feces in it.  Then she drops her gum in the toilet.  After hesitating for a few seconds, she reaches into the bowl holding the toxic mixture of bodily waste and fishes out  her cell phone and her gum!  She puts the gum back in her mouth and starts chewing!  Absolutely gross and funny!

I very much enjoyed watching this movie, not because it was a great story; but because it felt good.   It reminded me of those times I went to Manhattan at night with friends, and had some interesting and fun nights.  It reminded me of when I was younger, and the energy of Manhattan had a hold of me and kept calling me back.  I can still hear its calls, but they are faint now.  The open roads have a stronger voice, wanting me to get into my red machine and fly…and I usually listen.



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