Grade B


The follow-up to the hit “Mama Mia!” focuses on Lily James (who plays a young version of the Meryl Streep character) and Amanda Seyfried (the daughter of the Streep character).   As Seyfried prepares for a big party that may not even happen, she and others reminisce about her mom’s life, shown in flashbacks where James takes over as the young mother to be.   James easily steals most of the scenes she’s in, showing a fun personality that seeks to enjoy every bit of life she can take in; and as she does so, we see how she meets the three men who will eventually be Seyfried’s three “fathers.”

My most memorable, movie moment of “Mama Mia!  Here We Go Again” is the scene when party revelers come to Seyfried’s island and “Dancing Queen” is played.  It just makes you want to get up and start singing and dancing.

If you enjoyed the first movie, you’ll enjoy this one.  Plenty of singing and dancing, many cute, funny moments, and a wonderful surprise at the end of the third act.

— M