In the future, cyborgs are increasing in number, and some people think they are bad and will take over the world.  These people have taken action and started to kill cyborgs; and a government agency is tasked with finding and killing these people who have been labeled terrorists.  One government agent, who is “the best” at his job (of course he is!), is played by Olivier Gruner — and the character is a cyborg!  Huh?  What?  Hey, what can I tell you?  It’s a B movie, has a less than mediocre script, lots of action, lots of guns, and lots of bad acting that would make a 4th grade play look like a Shakespearean production.

The main storyline of “Nemesis” is that Gruner is forced by his former employers to seek a former co-worker who is now working with the terrorists.  Being a cyborg himself, Gruner wonders if he is still human;  he also starts to ponder if the terrorists who want to rid the world of cyborgs have a valid reason for doing so.  I’m surprised I got that much out of the movie, because my brain partially shut down due to an overload of bad acting and an unfocused script.

My most memorable, movie moment is the scene when a government agent bad guy is roughing up an extremely old lady for information.  Frustrated that she doesn’t know anything, he lets her go and turns his back toward her.  The old lady pulls out a handgun from her bag and shoots the agent in the back multiple times!  Then she says something like, “That’ll teach you to fuck with me.”

Second place in my list of memorable moments of “Nemesis” is the scene that showed a naked character played by Deborah Shelton, who at the time was built like a fitness competitor (back in the 1970s, fitness competitors would’ve been labeled as bodybuilders).   Most men would be repelled or intimidated by Shelton’s body, but I think she looked great.  I like all types of women, and I’m not intimidated by tall or physically strong women.  Bring it!

Well, Maximus, I was somewhat entertained by “Nemesis”; but mostly I was bored and watching the clock to see how long I had to sit through this movie.  Should you watch “Nemesis?”  If you love action movies and need something to watch while vacuuming and dusting your living room, I guess this movie will do.

— M