Did you see the “Clash of The Titans” remake?  I did.  Did you like it?  I thought it was okay.  Eh.  Well, however you felt for the remake, that’s how you’ll feel for the remake’s sequel, “Wrath of The Titans.”  If I had paid $12 to see this movie, I would’ve had more wrath than the Titans.  But I got the DVD from the library, and it was free (thanks, library!), so instead of having wrath I just shrugged my shoulders and went on with my day.

“Wrath…” is not based on some storyline from Greek mythology.  Sure, some of the characters are there but that’s about it.  Apparently some people in Hollywood thought the remake of “Clash of The Titans” was awesome and merited a sequel.  Maybe those same people were not thinking correctly due to the effects of whatever drugs they were using.  Whatever the case, we have a movie that has great special effects, a boring hero played by an actor who doesn’t have what it takes to carry an A-list movie, a script that needs more polishing, and editing that seemed rushed (you know how one scene ends and another begins, and you’re like, “I think there should’ve been something else put between those two”).

Sam Worthington is not worthy of playing Perseus.  In this movie or the previous one.  Not that a better actor would’ve made the movie much better — there’s only so much an actor can do with a mediocre script.  He just doesn’t have the “it factor”: that thing that makes an actor a star.  Worthington is capable, as a Honda Civic is capable of taking you from here to there; but a Jaguar XKR-S…now that’s transportation.   See the difference?

Well, “Wrath…” has Zeus complaining that people don’t pray to the gods anymore, and they are losing their powers.  To make things worse, Zeus’ bro Hades wants to release their father, Kronos, whom they imprisoned.  Kronos is a Titan, by the way.  But we have the plural version of Titan in the title.  So what other Titan is there?   I know not, as Kronos was the only Titan I saw in the movie.  Anyway, Kronos is released and Zeus tries to stop his father from destroying the world, but Zeus is weakened from battle and being tortured, and therefore needs his son, Perseus to get some weapons together to defeat Kronos.  Hmmm…I wondered throughout the movie why Perseus didn’t get the army of thousands of men to pray to Zeus to make him more powerful.  Makes sense, right?

This movie tries to have depth by dealing with father and son issues, the strength of human will, believing in yourself…I didn’t buy it.  You know why?  The main character, Perseus, was boring!  Worthington is boring!  Plus Perseus’ son always has that scared, stupid look like he’s seeing a breast for the first time.

This is a prime example of throwing a ton of money into a movie and thinking that will cure it’s ills.  Nope.  Money can buy talent, but it doesn’t increase the talents of the people you already have.

So what is my most memorable, movie moment of “Wrath of The Titans?”  The scene where Hephaestus tells some humans that the mind is the biggest trap of all.  That was deep.  How many of us allow ourselves to stagnate in life because we don’t believe in ourselves, or we’re just afraid of going for our dreams?

Playing it safe and going balls out to make our dreams come true have their merits.  I think the hard part is walking a fine line between the two.