Grade C

Manny’s Movie Musings: “Girl On The Edge” is about a troubled teen (played by Taylor Spreitler) who drinks too much, does drugs, and gets drugged and date raped by a teen boy who she thinks is in love with her.  The guy takes naked pics of her, sends it out to the internet, and Spreitler’s life quickly spirals out of control.   Running out of options for what to do with Spreitler, her parents force her into a rehab camp that they hope will nurture her mind, body and spirit.  The rest will be up to Spreitler, who must decide whether to allow herself to heal or go deeper into her self-destructive ways.   The only thing that stands out in this typical, at-risk teen story is Spreitler’s great performance.  My most memorable, movie moment of “Girl On The Edge” is the scene when Spreitler accepts an invitation from a drug fiend/stranger to come to her home to get high.  Inside, the druggie’s boyfriend (who looks like every parent’s worst nightmare) takes a liking to Spreitler and won’t let her go that easily.

— M